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Medical diagnosis and health advice websites, describe symptoms and diagnose health problems online. EasyDiagnosis provides an instant online analysis of several important medical symptoms in a user-friendly format, and then predicts the most likely conditions responsible.

Medical Library: Vast online resource. Select your symptoms and narrow down the diagnosis.

Medical Pages: Medical Pages is the first UK Health Portal developed and supported by Nationally accredited Medical Specialists

MedicineNet: MedicineNet 100% Doctor produced healthcare information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns

Medline Plus medical encyclopaedia: medical encyclopaedia from the US national library of medicine.

My Electronic MD: medical diagnosis and health information site. Is a US site so be careful of some of the terminology, but does have a very easy to use system whereby you describe your symptoms and view possible causes. Large independent medical resource

Patient UK: uk health portal with health information and links to health related websites YourDiagnosis is a secure Online Medical Diagnosis system developed by Doctors. It evaluates your medical history together with your current, past and family details including medications and allergies


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