Diets, dieting, and healthy eating

These websites offer advice either on specific diets, dieting in general for weight loss, or even just general nutritonal advice for a healhier life and body.

BBC Healthy Living: nutritional advice, food safety, advice on dietary requirements, body mass calculator, calorie calculator, and life expectancy calculator, from the BBC

BiG Eater Diet: A diet for real people with real appetites. Weight loss made easier! Diet, lose weight, get slim and still eat satisfying meals. 100% guaranteed weight loss if you stay with the diet. This website provides some surprising nutritional information about canned food

ChoLESSterol: Advice on how to cut down your cholesterol levels

Find my nutritionist: This website provides the public with a comprehensive search facility to locate qualified nutritional therapists within their geographical area.

Martins-seafresh: webpage showing the nutritional value of eating fish website offering general nutritional advice and also personalised nutrition and diet plans based on good nutritional sense rather than faddy diets online food portal offering advice on health and nutrition food and nutrition advice for your children from this excellent online parenting magazine

Slimming Diet World: Providing Information, tips, guides and healthy foods to help, and aid weight loss. Many resources on all types of slimming and weight loss areas.

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